5 Breastfeeding Tips to Get You Through the Night

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Attention mamabears! We know this story all too well. Being a mother is an on-call 24-7 job and when little bubs needs to be breastfed, there is no clocking off on a Friday. Night time nursing can be a challenging routine for new parents who are just entering the realm of parenthood. Nothing can truly prepare you for this journey,  particularly those long night shifts.

Here are our top 5 tips for making breastfeeding a little bit smoother through the night:

Before the night begins – be ready

You are in for a rough night, so be prepared and get ready for a few wake up calls. It is a great idea to keep all the essentials by your bedside before you get yourself tucked in. Remember – diapers, a bottle of water, towels, a pacifier and even a little treat for yourself near your bed so that you don’t have to  spend precious sleep time rummaging for things you need.

Keep your baby close to you through the night

It is an excellent idea to keep your little bundle of joy close to you at night. This makes night-feedings a whole lot easier, as you don’t have to drag yourself across the hallway or down the staircase to get to your crying bub.

A great additional tip is to consider bedsharing – stats have proven that this allows for a more seamless night for both you and the baby. Talk about a win-win!

Wear clothing that provides ease of access for feeding 

It’s 3am, you are already tired – so make the process as easy as possible. Consider wearing maternity PJs or a nightgown that opens down the front. This will provide your baby easier access, while keeping you snug as a bug through those winter nights.

Maintain a schedule 

Through the night, make it a point to stick to a schedule as to when mum and dad have to tend to lil bubs. This allows for the routine to be a joint venture and makes the whole scenario less daunting!

Ensure that your Feeding Friend is by your side

Every step of the way – be sure to have Feeding Friend closeby! A good nursing pillow will alleviate back and shoulder pain whilst allowing lil bubba to relax while he or she is nursing – a complete MUST for those long nights.


Goodluck mamas and papas! Remember – being on the night shift as a nursing mother can be challenging, but we won’t be on duty forever. With time, our little ones start sleeping through the night.

Let us know you go with our handy tips.

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