8 Things To Do With The Little Ones Over the Christmas Break

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Attention mummas and papas! It’s the silly season, the perfect opportunity to have some quality time with your little ones. With the warmer months creeping up on us and with plenty of free hours on the clock, it is now or never to get out and have some fun.

Here are our go-to activities to indulge in with the kiddos over the end-of-year break:


Bake together: Kids of all ages, whether they are toddlers or teenagers, love to mix and measure. Getting their hands dirty is a special kind of fun, and when they get to eat the treats at the end – that is just a bonus! Add baking to your list of activities this break, as this challenge will excite and stimulate your children.

Take a trip to the park: There is nothing quite like the outdoors. Take a trip to the local park or one of your city’s major recreational parks for a picnic and some sunshine. This will tucker your little ones out and will allow them to soak in a bit of sunlight. Prepare that picnic basket with some food and activities to ensure you can make a day out of it. Don’t forget that Feeding Friend pillow to nurse on the go too!

Go to the beach: Speaking of sunlight, if you live in Australia – you HAVE to add the beach to your activity list. Kids love a good splash. Carry a beach bag with a ball, a beach bucket and a shovel, and you are good to go. Oh and remember, Feeding Friend comes with a portable bag.

Put up and decorate the Christmas tree: ‘Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree.’ Christmas isn’t quite set without that good old tree decorated in the middle of your home. This is a fantastic activity to do with your little ones, being a part of the process allows them to bond with you and to get into the holiday spirit.

Make Christmas presents together: DIY is the new black. There is something so personal about a handmade/homemade present. DIY presents are a kid’s speciality. They absolutely adore this activity and of course – we parents, grandparents and family friends love to get them. With parental supervision, let their creativity run wild and allow them to create some beautiful presents from the heart to your hands.

Binge watch Christmas movies as a family: Christmas movies is a tradition you can enjoy every year. Yes, you don’t want to abuse TV watching over the Christmas break, but a little bit of TV is a great way to bond when you are after a bit of downtime. Happy family memories are forged during the holidays, so the time is ripe for them to grow a love for Christmas spirited films. Who is up for ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’?

Go on a family road trip: Does grandma live out of town? Perhaps you have always wanted to get into the countryside over the break. Road trips with the kiddos can be as elaborate as a well-mapped out trip over a week or as easy as a one-hour drive out of town. Either way, a trip during the holidays will surely be remembered and cherished.

Indulge in some arts and crafts:  Getting crafty is a wonderful activity that can be scaled to almost every age and ability level. Getting into a fun crafts project over the break with your kids is something that can be spread across days, weeks or even an entire month! Your children will feel an immense sense of accomplishment after the project is completed and this is a perfect way to squeeze in some quality time with them too.


What are some activities you plan to do with your children over the break?

We would like to wish all our mummies and daddies a fabulous and relaxing break. There is nothing more beautiful then seeing our little ones grow, may the coming year bless you with more precious memories with your family.



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