You could say, it’s personal

We’re on a mission to make self-care your ultimate priority

Here’s to modernising motherhood, prioritising you & unsilencing the conversations around children with additional needs.

Feeding Friend® is here to support you with practical products that suit the lifestyle of today’s mums

The ones juggling a career (or two), darting between appointments, studying and looking after your family, all while trying to maintain some sort of social life.

Promoting physical & mental health for mums globally,

we’re strong advocates of happy, thriving mums = happy, thriving little one

And although we kinda got here by accident,

we’ve built a community of #feedingfriends around the world who share our passion for modernising motherhood and prioritising self-care

Feeding Friend® support, beyond the milk-feeding phase of your journey (behind the scenes)

But first, let me fill you… Feeding Friend® was created by me (hey, I’m Amanda by the way), now a mum of 3, wife and accidental entrepreneur.

In 2017, I welcomed my third child and boy, did things feel tough. By 2018, I was struggling to parent my kids while growing a global brand (#saywhaaat?!). My kids were diagnosed with additional needs, and needed extra support, of a different kind. Life kinda turned into an emotional rollercoaster for a while there.

After struggling to find the support I needed...

I decided I wanted to be there for parents beyond their feeding journey

By offering the support, connection and encouragement that is so needed while exploring your child’s additional needs.

Feeding Friend® is more than a brand. It is a growing community of parents prioritising their health & wellbeing first, knowing our children directly benefit as a result.

Our mission?

Modernise the support available

Break generational cycles which have silenced the conversations around special needs for decades

Increase children’s self-awareness, connection, confidence & overall happiness in life

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The Feeding Friend® short story, from the start

In 2013, I was blessed with my first baby, followed closely by number 2 in 2015. After noticing severe aches and pains in my neck, shoulders, back and hands, I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands.

The cause? Holding my little ones for long periods in uncomfy positions while feeding.

There was nothing on the market...

that suited my on-the-go lifestyle or the changing angles I held my growing bubs

Other feeding pillows were flat and didn’t provide the flexible support I needed. So… I designed my own, but with a huge difference.

Feeding Friend® was created with my support and comfort in mind

Now, mums globally can comfortably hold and enjoy connecting with their little ones for longer, without the pain. Feeding Friend® is sold in over 25 retail stores throughout Australia, USA, UAE, UK and Asia, South America and Europe (including Target USA, Macy’s and Buy Buy Baby).

Additional support services for parents

If you feel like you need extra support juggling life & kids, there are services available to you.

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