Babyology: “A nursing pillow you’ll be happy to add to your list of friends”

Feeding Friend

Article credit: Babyology, Kiah Thomas


When I first started breastfeeding, sitting down for a feed took an unbelievable amount of organisation. Do I have snacks? Water? Entertainment? A pillow? For the first few weeks, taking the whole production out of the house was more than I could manage, and the idea of lugging my nursing pillow around brought me close to tears.

Feeding Friend is a self- inflating nursing pillow, and while it doesn’t provide snacks, it does make feeding your baby in comfort while you’re out and about a lot more simple.

feeding friend with bottle

In the early months of parenting when everything can be a bit of a mess, comfort is such a big thing – feeling prepared no matter how you’re feeding makes a big difference for you and your little one. Whether you’re breast or bottle feeding, getting the angles right and reducing the strain on your body is important, and Feeding Friend is designed to help do this.

feeding friend product shot 2

The pillow is made in a wedge shape to accommodate different sized babies, and to give more angle options as your little one grows. Once you’ve opened the valve to start the inflation, you simply shut it off again when the pillow reaches your desired size.

When you’ve finished feeding you can easily deflate your Friend by reopening the valve and rolling it up. The pillow can then be carried in storage bag – oh the joys of something that fits neatly in the bottom of the stroller!

feeding friend outdoors

Available from Feeding Friend for $49.99 (plus $10 shipping to anywhere in Australia), this is a pillow you’ll be pretty happy to add to your friend list.

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