Frequently Asked Questions 

Thanks for your interest in Feeding Friend! Feeding Friend is proudly 100% Australian Designed and Owned. It's ingenuity, unique and innovative design has been Trademarked and Patented protected. Best of all, Feeding Friend is 100% recyclable! We've listed some Frequently Asked Questions below, but if you have another question please contact us by the form.


How do I inflate Feeding Friend?
Feeding Friend is really simple and easy to inflate, all you have to do is:

  1. Loosen the drawstring to open the storage bag
  2. Remove the deflated pillow
  3. Open the valve by twisting it to the left
  4. Unroll the Feeding Friend with your hands and allow the pillow to inflate and take it's shape (this may take up to 30 seconds)
  5. Once you are happy with firmness, close the valve by pushing down on it slightly whilst and turning it to the right. This will tighten the valve
  6. When the valve can no longer be turned to the right, your pillow is ready to be used

*Please Note: INITIAL INFLATION may take longer. Please pre-inflate Pillow prior to use. This can be done by twisting the valve open and allowing the pillow to inflate over a period of time. Alternatively, cool air can be blown into the valve to allow the pillow to take its complete shape. The pillow will inflate faster with regular use. If valve is not closed, air can escape once pressure is placed onto the pillow, which will affect firmness.


How do I deflate Feeding Friend?

  1. Open the valve
  2. Hold the pillow with two hands on the thinner point of wedge pillow
  3. Roll up the pillow towards the valve
  4. Once rolled, close the valve to prevent the pillow from inflating inside the storage bag
  5. Place the rolled up pillow inside the bag to store


How do I use Feeding Friend?

  1. Inflate the pillow and close the valve
  2. Hold your baby whilst feeding
  3. Place the pillow under your wrist and arm
  4. Turn the pillow around if more support heights are required

*Please Note: Feeding Friend is not a toy. Do not leave your child on/with Feeding Friend while unattended. Keep Feeding Friend away from fire and alight objects. Keep Feeding Friend away from scissors and sharp objects. Once the PVC is torn, the pillow will no longer inflate. Refer to the wash and care instructions on the inside cover.


How do I position Feeding Friend?
Please click on this link for examples of how to position the Feeding Friend:  


How do I remove the cover from Feeding Friend?

  1. Remove the outer cover by opening the zip
  2. Slightly roll up the lower end of pillow (opposite end to valve)
  3. Finally, gently remove cover off of valve


How do I clean Feeding Friend?

  1. Remove the outer cover
  2. Follow the wash & care instructions on the label (located inside of cover)
  3. Hand wash the cover only
  4. Once the cover has been removed, wipe down the interior if necessary


What material is Feeding Friend?
We've designed Feeding Friend with two materials: the interior is made from PVC & foam. While the exterior is made from 100% Polyester. The foam density has been carefully selected for it's level of firmness. The best part is that you can control the firmness so if you prefer a softer pillow, you can adjust this by simply closing the valve prior to complete inflation. Alternatively, allow Feeding Friend to take it's full shape to benefit from it's cushioned support. We've also developed the overall design with hygiene in mind. Feeding Friend is simple to clean in the event of any spills. The cover can be easily removed for washing and the interior PVC lining can be wiped down with a sponge or cloth.


What are the dimensions of Feeding Friend?
When Feeding Friend is inflated it's nice and compact with a length of 48cm and a height of 15cm (L: 48 cm or 18.9", H: 15 cm or 5.9"). We found this to be the most ideal size for feeding on the go. When Feeding Friend is deflated it's only 28cm long with a height of 24 cm (L: 28cm or 7.9", H: 24 cm or 9.5"). This small size is perfect for travel. Feeding Friend conveniently fits under a stroller and can be easily stored away in cupboards and out of sight.


What is the weight of Feeding Friend?
We understand first hand what it is like to travel with babies! Weighing only 349 grams (0.769 lb/ 12.31 oz), it is very light weight, making it practical and super portable for you to take whilst out and about. Relax at a park, BBQ or family gathering and enjoy the company of others without experiencing the aches and pains associated with feeding. Our goal is to help parents feel less anxious and more comfortable and confident whilst feeding at any time and place. We believe a parent/care givers health is just as important, so we've made sure our pillow is super light to encourage parents to take it with them for support when feeding outside of home.


Can I use Feeding Friend on an airplane?
Yes! Feeding Friend is perfect and safe to use whilst travelling on airplanes, buses and trains. Feeding Friend fits in carry on luggage or on your stroller making it easily accessible and ready to go in seconds! Feeding Friend also fits on the armrest of planes to provide extra comfort and support even after feeding your baby!


What currency are your prices in?
If you are accessing the site from Australia, all prices are listed in AUD. For the rest of the world, all prices are listed in USD.


What payment methods do you offer?
We use Paypal as our payment gateway. At the end of the checkout process you will be directed to the Paypal website, were you can complete the purchase using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) or your own Paypal account.


What are your shipping costs?
We provide flat rate shipping worldwide! Please see below for the costs based on your location:

  • Australia: $10 AUD
  • United States: $15 USD
  • Asia: $15 USD
  • United Kingdom: $20 USD
  • Europe: $20 USD
  • All Other Countries: $20 USD


How long will it take for Feeding Friend to arrive?
Our estimated shipping times are as follows:

  • Australia: 7-10 business days
  • All Other Countries: 7-14 business days

*Please Note: Times may vary based on your location


What is your Refund and Returns Policy?
Feeding Friend has a 1 year manufacturing warranty. A full refund or exchange will be offered once proof of fault is provided. For any inquiries, please email support:

Refunds will not be issued on change of mind purchases due to hygiene reasons.


If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us using the form.