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Travelling moms, this one’s for you! We just recently road tripped to Victoria, BC with our two year old and Two month old. I know… we’re crazy! It actually wasn’t that bad. Why? I think we packed really pragmatically. Which is hard to do with young kids! I often feel like even for just a small outing in the city I dump the entire contents of my home into the car for those “just in case” moments that are bound to come up.

This time though, we packed the essentials. And that could have meant no nursing pillow, because really, it’s a nice to have not a NEED to have. So, I was thrilled when the kind people at Feeding Friend reached out and asked if I’d be willing to review their new travel pillow. Perfect timing… how did they know?! This pillow, guys. It’s a game changer!

First, what makes it portable is the self-inflating feature. Once out of the bag, just turn the nozzle and wait for it to inflate. When you’re done, deflate, fold and stick it back in it’s carrying bag! No more oddly shaped pillows taking up space in the back seat and getting dirty shoes and hands all over them. Seriously, genius.

Not only that – the soft, crushed velvet, fleecy cover is REMOVABLE. I don’t know why this is so surprising to me… probably because the two boppy pillows I’ve used since becoming a mom have not had removable covers so I end up draping a towel over them to account for messy eaters (both of my kids). I love my boppy pillow, don’t get me wrong. You can’t beat a price point of $29 and for an at home pillow, it’s great. But the fact that I can unzip this cover, throw it in the wash with other linens and then put it back on is just so handy. And especially during travel, you can’t help messes.

But if you travel with your little ones, or plan to, the Feeding Friend pillow is everything you need in one shot. I love that. The wedge shape also lends itself to various nursing/feeding positions because let’s face it, everyone does it differently! In fact, the product itself originated because a mom was experiencing aches and pains in her shoulders and back from her arm placement during nursing… who can relate? Yeah, all of us. I love when products are BY moms FOR moms.

So if you’re in the market for a feeding pillow, or are planning a trip soon definitely give this a try. I think it’ll be your new best “friend” ?


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