Top 5 Benefits of Using a Nursing Pillow

When you have your first child, it is a new terriority of challenges and growth. Through the years, the nursing pillow has evolved to suit the changing needs and demands of parents.

How often have you experienced stiffness in your back, neck and shoulders when nursing your new bundle of joy? A good nursing pillow will alleviate that pain and you will notice little bubba is more at ease too. The nursing pillow can truely change the parenthood experience and here is why:


  1. Provides support to your back, neck and shoulders: During the first few months with your toddler, they will be feeding a majority of the time – this can sometimes be up to 10 times a day! The duration of feeding can be up to 1 hour. During this time you will be stagnant in one position. It is crucial that you remain comfortable and relaxed during feeding times.  Failing to maintain proper posture or straining your body can lead to an unwanted visit to the chiropractor because of a damaged back or neck.  A pillow ensures that your baby is at the right height for your breast, so your shoulders don’t do the work for you. Your back is supported, and your shoulders and neck can focus on feeding comfortably.
  2. Nursing pillows are excellent for encouraging latching during feeding: When using a nursing pillow, you are positioning your little one at the right height for feeding. This in turn greatly assists the latching process.
  3. Can provide great assistance after a C-Section: We all know that Feeding Friend is the perfect companion through motherhood, this is particularly the case for mothers who have just had a C-Section.  A nursing pillow allows a buffer between your baby and your abdomen. Talk about comfort and practicality!
  4. The process supports healthy development of the baby: When our babies are feeding, it is vital for them to be positioned correctly.  With the help of a nursing pillow, you and your baby will have the correct support during nursing and bottle-feeding.  When evaluating a baby’s development, your pillow is especially helpful when the baby’s muscles are being developed. The nursing pillow props the baby up in a way that makes them become more independent.  When it is the baby’s tummy time, the position encourages them to use their arms and legs, strengthening several important muscle groups.
  5. It’s not just for mums! Dads can use it too: Nursing pillows, particularly Feeding Friend, are designed to suit to add the posture for dads too.

Feeding Friend is designed to enhance the breastfeeding and bottle feeding experience by providing immense functionality and support as well as freeing the nursing mother’s hand. The experience of feeding little bubba should not be a stressful one.  It should be a time to rejoice in the life you have just created. With Feeding Friend, you are now aided and equipped in bonding with your little miracle.

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