6 Tips to Getting the Kids to Bed on Time

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We can almost hear you through the screen, yes bedtime can more often than not, be a nightmare. Getting all the little ones to bed whilst keeping your sanity intact can be one mammoth of a task. Sleep time is imperative to a child’s functionality, when children don’t get enough sleep, they have a tough time controlling their emotions. Lack of sleep in kiddies can result in them being irritable or hyper, which is no good for anyone. Kids who are constantly sleep deprived are more likely to have behaviour problems, have trouble paying attention and learning.

Don’t worry, we here at Feeding Friend have come up with handy dandy tips on how to get your kids to bed on time.


Keep a routine – kids LOVE it. A solid routine is something that children thrive on, and it works. A consistent night time routine has proven to directly impact children who have sleep problems. It helps your child learn to be sleepy, just like reading in bed often puts adults to sleep. That will help your child associate the bedroom with comfortable feelings of relaxation and ease.

Include a bedtime story. The old classic never fails! Include one story a night before bedtime, it helps your child slip into that sleepy state and ease them into the final part of the night routine.

Set the environment. Set the mood to induce feelings of sleep for your children. Your kiddies will associate this scene with feelings of sleepiness. Make sure the bedroom is dark and quiet and the noise level in the house is low. Some children do not like a totally dark room, if that applies to your kiddo – turn on a small night light, or leave the hall light on and the door to the bedroom open.

Make them dress the part.  Comfy clothing can go a long way. A rule of thumb is to dress your child basically as you dress yourself. Keep in mind that very young kiddies often will kick off the covers through the night.

Set the room temperature just right. Everyone sleeps better in a room that is cool but not cold.

Giving them a security object. ‘Time for bed’ means it’s time for seperation. This is often the source of fussing before bedtime. A great idea is to provide your child with a personal object like a teddy bear or blanket that fills that void for them through the night. It can provide a sense of security and control that comforts and reassures your child before they fall asleep.


An important thing to note is that our cheeky kids will always ask for that one last thing, whether it be hugs, a drink of water, a trip to the bathroom, or even another bedtime story. Do your best to not attend to these requests by making them part of the bedtime routine. And let your child know that once he or she is in bed, then that is it for the day.


Next time you are tackling the old bedtime shenanigan, be sure to try our tips and let us know how you go!




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