Why Every Mum Needs a Friend Who Doesn’t Have Kids

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Stating the obvious here – a woman’s life changes when she becomes a mother.

Once your role changes to being a parent, it can sometimes feel difficult to connect with your girlfriends who aren’t in that phase of life. Suddenly you are working odd hours to feed your infant and you feel a tad marginalized because of these changes.  Although an adjustment, we here at Feeding Friend believe it is  incredibly important to foster a friendship with atleast one person who is not a parent yet! Every mother needs that one friend who isn’t all baby talk!

Here is why it is oh so important to have that one go-to non-mum friend:

Firstly, it is pure bliss going to their house that isn’t cluttered with kid-related things.  Talk about a change of scene. A good cuppa or a glass of wine never tasted sweeter than at their house – the ultimate escape from your routine.

Secondly, it is not all baby-talk! Having a close friend who doesn’t have kids allows for conversations that don’t revolve around when little bubs had their last explosive nappy.  For a change of topic, let’s talk about the latest episode of Gossip Girl please.

Thirdly, you maintain that career buzz.  It can be refreshing to hear about your non-mum friend’s career and how she is moving mountains in the corporate world. This in turn can be inspirational for the possible career paths you can take as a mother.

Fourthly, the soothing nostalgia of pre-baby days can be a nice escape once in a while.  When having those career converations, that trip down memory lane can be a pleasant journey! Sometimes when babies come in, it is easy to forget our passions before being a mum, it is these friendships that can sometimes reignite that desire to re-explore a passion you once had.

Lastly, you always maintain the mother hen role. There is such a special feeling when you can pass the baton of knowledge to your non-mum friends. It can be so satisfying to share advice and to guide your friends with some experience to back you up. A mum who has made her way through some bad eggs before she found the father of her kids, can spot those important qualities a mile away for finding Mr. or Mrs. Right and can provide great insights about co-parenting.


The journey of motherhood is such a beautiful one, and it certainly is that little bit more blessed when we share our journey with pals who aren’t there yet! Share with us your favourite aspects about having a friend who is not a parent.

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