“Whether your baby is breast or bottle fed, take the pressure off so you can focus on what matters most..”

About Feeding Friend

Feeding Friend is a self inflating pillow that provides parents with arm support whilst bottle or breast feeding. Light weight, compact and ideal for travel.

The story of Feeding Friend started when Amanda noticed severe aches and pains in her shoulder, neck, back and hands. She discovered these aches and pains were caused by carrying her children in awkward feeding positions for extended periods of time.

This started her journey of creating the perfect baby support pillow. With a unique wedge shape, self inflating valve, removable cover, this is the story of Feeding Friend.


Designed with your comfort in mind.

Whether you bottle feed or breast feed, Feeding Friend’s unique wedge shape allows you to be at your most comfortable.

By sliding Feeding Friend, you can reposition your arm without having to strain your back. This will provide maximum comfort by reducing the load of your feeding arm.

Feeding Friend’s self inflating valve means you can feed your baby whenever and wherever you go!

Feeding Friend can be quickly and easily inflated or deflated. Quickly deflate Feeding Friend by unscrewing the valve, squeezing out all the air, and then screwing the valve to prevent it from inflating. Go to the park with your friends or have a coffee date with your mothers and when it’s time to feed your baby, simply unscrew the valve and Feeding Friend will start to inflate.

Features Of Feeding Friend

Feeding Friend’s storage bag allows you to maintain a neat and compact size for storing when not in use.

After deflating your Feeding Friend. roll it up and place it inside the storage bag to keep it nice and neat. Ideal for storing inside your baby bag, car or stroller. This makes Feeding Friend portable and very convenient!

Remove Feeding Friend’s cover to wash and clean.

Accidents happen and with Feeding Friend’s removable cover, it’s very easy to clean! Simply unzip, remove and was the cover by hand.


Feeding Friend - The Ultimate Travel Nursing Pillow
Feeding Friend Testimonials
Feeding Friend Perth PBC Expo 2017


Feeding Friend is a specialised, self-inflating pillow that instantly reduces the strain on your arms, wrists, neck, back and shoulders. It provides flexible comfort to you whilst feeding your baby in a cradling position.


The Feeding Friend is amazing. Best purchase we made at the expo by far. Great for feeding and also just to help rest your arm when holding them. Could not recommend it more.

I have carpal tunnel in my hand and holding my baby to feed exasperated it. The feeding Friend allowed me to get my hand and wrist in a much more comfortable position. It also helped relieve a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders from where I was hunching over while breastfeeding. I just love how small it packs down, I have never bought a traditional looking feeding pillow because of how bulky they are. It's fantastic - I love it.

Took mt new Feeding Friend on a trip to the park. It provided much needed support for me while I fed my little one. I wish I had one of these when I had my first baby. I would definitely recommend Feeding Friend, especially to new mothers still navigating breastfeeding. It might just be the help you need to comfortably feed while out and about.


We would love to hear your questions, comments or feedback and our team at Feeding Friend will get back to you as soon as we can!