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Angela Lim

This nursing pillow has truly been our saviour to support our arms & backs as Julien’s weighing at the 90th percentile at his last check 😅 I like how it’s firm enough for support and has a waterproof layer beneath, so any spills are easily managed by washing the outer layer. It’s also a wedge shape for you to use it at your preferred angle. We use the pillow at different angles for support depending on if he is latched or bottle fed. For Moms who want to travel, the Feeding Friend is also self-inflating, which means you can pack it in your bags easily!

Rebecca Mason

Took my new Feeding Friend on a trip to the park. It provided much needed support for me while I fed my little one. I wish I had one of these when I had my first baby. I would recommend Feeding Friend, especially to new mothers still navigating breastfeeding. It might just be the help you need to comfortably feed while out and about.

Angela Gavalas

So happy with my feeding friend! Nursing/feeding was so much easier and more comfortable using the pillow. Helped my bad posture a lot. Totally recommend this product to all mummy’s and daddy’s out there.

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I wanted to really test this out… knowing I had a few trips coming up

I got it in Feb and it now travels with me instead of my boppy or having to use someone’s pillow when visiting family. It’s providing great support… my husband even tried to steal it for his back a few times when I wasn’t looking. It’s so helpful to have something that can be some compact and still work well while out and about or traveling. It’s now a staple in my diaper bag.


The feeding friend pillow has been my lifesaver in Europe!!

Thank you so so much. I have taken so many selfies of him feeding and fast asleep on it on various modes of transport all around Europe.

Melinda Vaughan

A very handy nursing, bottle feeding and even cuddle pillow. Great to use on the go, infact taking mine on the plane to Europe with my 18-month-old to help with sleeping and comfort for her (and to save my arms). Have used it since she was born in hospital... a must-have for every new Mum!!

Jessica McCarroll

Beautiful friendly owners and an ingeniously designed product! Recommend to all new mums for feeding on the go!

Sally Hams

Love love loved my feeding friend! Thanks Amanda for creating such a helpful product for breastfeeding Mumma’s. 🙌🏻👍🏻

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