Baby on board?
Take your nursing pillow with you, every step of the way.

Supporting your body, and your feeding choices.


Hey Mama!

You deserve comfort because you are worth it.

Taking care of yourself first, benefits your baby!

Feeding Friend® is a portable arm rest that instantly reduces pain in your body while bottle or breastfeeding.

It’s award-winning design, offers flexible levels of arm, hand and wrist support to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and improve posture while feeding on-the-go!

Australian Mumpreneur Awards 2020 Product Innovation Gold Award
Australian Mumpreneur Awards 2021 Global Brand Award Finalist
Australian Mumpreneur Awards 2021 Bronze

Modernising motherhood, Prioritising self-care.

Us mums, we’re all different.

Different shapes, different sizes, different feeding techniques… even different feeding locations (psst.. it’s not the 1950’s anymore, women lead lives outside the home!).

Feeding Friend adapts and caters to everyone (even dads and grandparents) and makes the perfect baby shower or Mother’s Day gift.

Mama, holding your baby unsupported for months (or years) on end can make you feel like CRAP. There’s no other word for it…

Are you experiencing pain in your lower back, your shoulders, your wrists? Does that lead to zip, zilch, nada sleep?

I get it… your eyeballs are probably hanging out; you’re exhausted and have no desire to hold or feed your bub. I’ve been there.

Designed by a mum, for all kinds of mums... including you!

Feeding Friend® supports your arm to reduce pain and discomfort in your body so you can relax and enjoy feeding your precious baby - anytime, anywhere!


You'll benefit from Feeding Friends':

Compact size

Feeding Friend is the smallest nursing pillow on the market and fits neatly in its own storage bag, making it practical and portable, for modern mums on the go.

Unique wedge shape

Providing you with flexible levels of arm/ wrist support and making Feeding Friend suitable for newborns to toddlers (up to 25kg). Suitable for breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Self Inflatable Nursing Pillow
Eco-Friendly Foam

Made with our planet in mind, our foam is locally sourced and suitable for Asthmatics

Removable & washable cover

Mould resistant and with a waterproof lining, the Feeding Friend is easily refreshed in the washing machine after any spills.

Nursing Pillow with Removable Cover
Recyclable Nursing Pillow
Ability to be recycled

Pay it Forward to a mum in need when you’re finished with it (after a good wash, of course!).

How does the Feeding Friend Work?


Unbox a neat & compact travel bag.

Using Feeding Friend Step 2

Remove rolled pillow.


Allow arm support to expand.

Using Feeding Friend Step 4

Lean your arm, hand & wrist onto your Feeding Friend to relax your body and mind.

It's that easy, order yours now!

Hear from some of the Feeding Friend family:

Lean on me, and I’ll be your Feeding Friend

Available for shipping to families world-wide, while stocks last.