Mama’s Guide: 8 Things To Do Before You Deliver

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‘We are expecting!’

Wow! What amazing news, this is a moment you will remember for the rest of your life. From two you will soon become three, and with that comes a lot of changes to your lifestyle.

We here at Feeding Friend have created a mama’s guide for things you should do before you deliver your first child.


Purchase a good nursing bra (or three), it is a life saving investment – trust us!

If you decide you are going to nurse your little one, you will want to get a few nursing bras.  You can of course do this after baby is born, but it’s definitely nice to be able to bring them to the hospital and wear them starting that first day. You will be thanking us later.

Start thinking about the big things

Create a list of all the big things you have to consider with the arrival of your child. Are you going to be heading back to work or do you plan on being a stay at home mum full time, maybe even part time? Will you be doing a religious ceremony after the baby’s birth? If you have a boy, are you planning to circumcise your son? (We here at Feeding Friend understand these are sensitive topics that will need to be communicated and agreed upon with your partner before little bubs arrives).

Assemble the baby gear 

You name it, strollers, baby monitors, baby car seats, bassinets, cribs. All these things can be tricky and/or tedious to put together, so start now while it is still calm and quiet.

Dedicate time each day to talk to your baby

Your baby can hear your voice now, and talking to him or her is a great way to start the bonding process. If having an actual conversation with your belly feels uncomfortable or unnatural, why not try narrating what you got up to during the day or reading a book aloud.

Go to parenting classes 

Your hospital will offer classes on several aspects of motherhood like breastfeeding. If you are uncomfortable with attending a class, speak to other nursing mothers or purchase a book on motherhood. It is a great idea to learn what you can now about this new exciting journey!

Choose your baby’s doctor

Collect a list of names of pediatricians or family practitioners from family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, or your prenatal caregiver. Make sure the doctor accepts your health insurance, operates within hours that work with your schedule, and whos clinic location is convenient for you.

Make time for some sleep

Catch those ZZZ’s because soon your sleep pattern is going to be all over the place – welcome to parenthood.

Oh and remember to chill – life is about to change

‘Me’ time is oh so important. Get into your most comfortable pajamas, indulge in some cravings and binge watch some great shows on Netflix. Savouring time for you is incredibly precious, life is about to change so treasure down time while you still have it.


Enjoy this beautiful gift and this treasured slice of your family story. The highly anticipated period before little bubs is born is a time of both happy nerves and also indescribable excitement.

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