Top 5 Tips: Bottle Feeding Advice for Dads

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Papabear! We are here for you too. Yes, it is true, bottle feeding little bubs is a truly authentic experience and is an unparalleled way for dad to bond with the baby. The not-so-peachy side? Late night hours, being on the clock at random times and the cries. Don’t worry, we have devised a list of tips, a survival guide, for those days it is your turn to bottlefeed bubs.

The microwave is a no-go: Avoid using the microwave to warm up bottles of milk. This common misconception is actually going to do more bad than good, microwaves often heat liquids unevenly creating hotspots that could cause a burn on your baby’s mouth.

Those old dad shirts are the best: Go through your old clothes and be sure to wear them when bottlefeeding or burping your baby. Trust us – you will be counting your stars! Afterall, who wants their good clothes getting covered in the inevitable milk and sick stains? #yayparenthood

Bibs are LIFE: This is easily bottlefeeding 101. Remember to put a bib on your baby before each bottlefeed. Minimise cleaning and mess as a bib will catch milk, sick and dribble. Ultimately, this will save you multiple clothing changes – phewww!

Go with the flow: It is important to not force your baby during feeding times. Babies differ when it comes to how often and how much they want to drink, this is instinctive in them. A fantastic rule of thumb is to feed them on-demand, as and when they get hungry. If you do force feed lil bubs, he/she will just end up puking it out.

Last but not least – watch mamabear when she is on duty: Sometimes the best way to learn is to watch. Pay careful attention to how mumzy conducts herself during her baby-shift. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, you both are in this together and it is all about helping eachother. Other sources of advice could be your own parents or other dads.


Ah yes, the joys of parenthood. Don’t worry, feeding times are made that tiny bit easier with our nursing pillow. Now you can just focus on bonding with your baby.

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